Learn how MCFA can help you build a standalone art collection



Acquisition Approach

Our approach to advising is collaborative in nature and specific to each client. Your environment, your taste in interior design, architectural detail, and desired tone help establish guidelines for art selection and placement. Whether you are planning to purchase artwork for your residences, or simply for the joy of collecting, we focus on acquiring key pieces that define the theme of your art collection and build around those, independent of size, location, or other restrictions.​

Collector's Strategy

A well-balanced art collection is more than simply a series of works on display; a strategic decision-making process is behind every collection, typically following a particular theme and/or style. Defining this strategy early in the building of your collection is helpful in prioritizing acquisitions and searches. We work with each Client to create the right acquisition strategy to focus our steps towards building a cohesive collection that has lasting value.

Research + Expertise

Any artwork being considered is thoroughly researched prior to acquisition. Our research team works to ensure full understanding of each acquisition’s importance, condition, provenance, history, and comparable market sales. We work to determine the investment value for each piece, consulting auction databases, reviewing private sector sales records, and understanding overall current market trends and tendencies. You can trust that we conduct thorough provenance checks and engage independent conservators to inspect the condition of each piece. We’ll make sure you are acquiring high-quality works with solid investment value and historical importance.

Search Process

We begin our search with an initial consultation with the Client. This allows us to target specific museum and gallery exhibitions and art fairs to visit together. This is a crucial step in understanding your personal preferences, as well as assisting you in defining your tastes from an art perspective. We often accompany our Clients to art exhibits, art fairs, auction previews, and private studios. We attend numerous events each year on behalf of our Clients.  


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